How to get car insurance in the UK

This time, I would like to tell you about the recommended way to enroll in car insurance in the UK.

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Types of car insurance in the UK

First of all, there is no compulsory insurance in the UK like Japan’s compulsory automobile liability insurance, and it seems that it is legally stipulated to take out “personal and property damage insurance” at any insurance company.

So, do you only subscribe to “bodily injury and property damage insurance”, or choose “Third Party, Fire & Theft” that includes vehicle fire and theft insurance, or do you choose various insurance? It seems that there are three basic options to join “Comprehensive (automobile comprehensive insurance)” with compensation as a set.

However, the people around me basically have “Comprehensive (automobile comprehensive insurance)”, and I have never heard of anyone else.

So, first of all, on the premise of subscribing to “Comprehensive (automobile comprehensive insurance)”, I think it would be good to compare and consider direct insurance etc. on the Internet.

However, I recommend a Japanese insurance company that can speak Japanese. I will explain why in the next chapter.

Ladies and gentlemen, when do you join insurance?

Fire insurance is for fires and water leaks, accident insurance is for injuries, and medical insurance is for illness.

Of course, auto insurance is also something to take out in case your car is involved in an accident or is stolen. But when you encounter such troubles in a foreign country, isn’t it difficult to deal with them in unfamiliar English?

So, without hesitation, I recommend a Japanese insurance company. When you’re in a panic after causing an accident with a foreigner, you can’t have a conversation in English with a decent mental state.

In particular, unlike fire insurance, I think the most pressing situation is probably when you use car insurance. This is because there are many accidents on the road.

So, when I narrowed down the options to Japanese insurance companies and searched for an insurance company that can handle Japanese in London, I found a company called Motor Ichiban.

Auto insurance is provided by Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, which is well known in Japan. , I guess it’s the insurance company of choice for Japanese people living in the UK.

We also found a Japanese insurance broker called JEIB (Japan England Insurance Brokers Limited), so if you have time, it might be a good idea to get an estimate from this company as well. I didn’t have time until the insurance started, and I was in a hurry to sign up, so I couldn’t get a competitive quote. So, I would like to contact you for the next update.

Best reputation for motors

I don’t really know about the reputation of the accident response because I don’t know anyone who has caused an accident myself, but I don’t hear bad reviews. After all, all expatriates have joined.

Sometimes, when I returned to my car while parked on the street, it was hit and run and the car was scratched, or when I was parked around my house, the glass was broken and the car was stolen. I’ve been there before. Even at that time, if you have “Comprehensive (automobile comprehensive insurance)” that includes vehicle insurance, you can use your insurance to repair it.

On the other hand, I am concerned that insurance premiums are high because of the extensive Japanese language services.

I have fire insurance, overseas travel insurance, etc. through a local insurance company in the UK. That’s why I verified what I think is the best by comparing insurance premiums and coverage on the internet.

On the other hand, when I signed up for car insurance, as I mentioned earlier, it was only a few days before the car was delivered, so I couldn’t compare it with other companies.

However, there are several people around me who have looked into things other than Motor Ichiban, and one of them said that Motor Ichiban was much cheaper than the local insurance company. It was a few hundred pounds cheaper, and it seems that the coverage was relatively better.

So, based on his opinion, I would recommend Motor Ichiban as I have not been able to find any other company. If you want to check it yourself, there are a lot of online comparison sites, so it might be a good idea to check there.

What you need to get cheap insurance

I felt that the system of determining premiums for car insurance in the UK is slightly different from that in Japan.

In Japan, I don’t think the car insurance premiums of private insurance companies will change depending on the area you live in, but in the UK, the insurance premiums will change depending on the postal code where you live.

Insurance premiums will naturally rise in unsafe areas with a high number of thefts. Also, even in areas where security is not bad, insurance premiums often go up just because one street is different. I guess it’s calculated based on fairly detailed data on theft damage.

If you haven’t decided on a house yet, it seems that there is a parking lot at home instead of parking on the street, and whether you have a garage with a lock, etc. It might be good.

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